All our assessment services use a systematic approach to identify the risks, where product design, job processes, environment, and psychosocial factors are evaluated.   Short and long term solutions may be presented to reflect each risk.  A final report is usually prepared to summarize the evaluation process, risks and recommendations.

Office Assessments:

There are two basics ways of conducting an office risk assessment:

Mini-Assessment: This assessment is a quick way of conducting an assessment without a written report.  Identified risks and solutions are verbally recommended at the time of the onsite.

Full Assessment: This assessment type summarizes identified risks and recommendations verbally and in a formal comprehensive written report.  Follow-up of recommendations is normally completed.

ergonomic office assessments, disability management
ergonomic industrial assessments, disability management

Industrial Assessments:

Both light and heavy industrial environments can be evaluated. Various tools are used to thoroughly analyze the environment to determine the issues and risks. Employee and employer input are an important consideration in determining the solutions to ensure a good fit and acceptability.

Usability Testing:

Usability testing and analysis can be carried out to determine whether individuals are interacting comfortably and safely with new equipment or tools.  For example, the on/off switch or emergency control of a power tool should be convenient to access and operate.

Design Analysis:

An evaluation of tools, equipment, and furniture can help your company ensure that the right decision will be made upfront to help control hazards and capitalize on worker performance. This is particularly beneficial when building or expanding your business prior to purchases.

ergonomics, usability testing, workplace design analysis

Linda Meerveld is an expert in the prevention and management of injuries, disability management, performance efficiency, and wellness in the workplace. Ergo-Dimensions is central to Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines, Niagara, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, London and Toronto, but provides service to any region across Canada. Please contact Linda directly at 905-741-8885 for more information.