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Has your company experienced an increase in injuries or absenteeism?  Ergo-Dimensions, an ergonomic and disability management consulting firm, can help by providing training, analyzing trends, assessing problems and providing the most innovative, cost effective solutions to optimize employee attendance and performance.

Whatever the reason, ergonomics ensures a good fit between employees and the workplace by examining the physical, physiological, and the psychosocial characteristics of the job and worker. Examples would be evaluating tool, equipment, and furniture designs, as well as analyzing the task processes that are required to complete a job.

For the company to get the most benefit, ergonomics needs to be implemented before injuries occur or worker performance starts to decline.  Through a systematic approach, an evaluation of the work environment will determine what factors have the potential to cause injuries or reduce performance for a specific task or job, help employees return to work following an injury, and/or provide hazard control options.

Linda Meerveld is an expert in the prevention and management of injuries, disability management, performance efficiency, and wellness in the workplace. Ergo-Dimensions is central to Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines, Niagara, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, London and Toronto, but provides service to any region across Canada. Please contact Linda directly at 905-741-8885 for more information.